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What is Dry Fog?

What is Dry Fog?

Posted by Joshua T. Serpa on Dec 13th 2018

Dry fog is water vapor that can float in the air for hours and will increase the surrounding air humidity to 99.9%. The size of dry fog can vary between .1 to 10 microns in size. Just for reference, human hair has a thickness of 70 microns and the tip of a sharpened pencil is about 200 microns.

Our Microfog Atomizers can create water droplets down to .5 microns which is less than 2 thousandths of one inch. On average the micron range of our atomizers is between 1 and 8 microns.

Dry fog has been used in many different industries since the late 1960's. Dry fog is defined as water or solution droplets between 0 and 10 microns in size. There are many benefits to atomizing solutions to such a small level. The benefits include:

  • Smell Suppression
  • Foliar Spray Applications
  • Aeroponic Root Hair Growth
  • Applying cleaning agents to sterilize hospitals and clean rooms