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What kind of air compressor do I need?

Posted by Joshua T. Serpa on May 10th 2021

One of the most common questions I receive is "What kind of Air Compressor do I need", the answer is "It depends".

For a single Microfog Atomizer , a starter kit or a Clonefogger most generic air compressors from your local hardware store work just fine. Just be sure to use a compressor that is oil free if you are fogging solutions onto your garden plants.  I personally like California Air Tools for this type of compressor because they are low cost, oil free and relatively quite.  But be aware there are limits to these types of compressors, they are not designed to work continuously.  They are typically rated with a 50% duty cycle (You are only supposed to run them 50% of the time)

Now if you are building an integrated dry fog system for your greenhouse or indoor grow room, you might want to think about a more industrial or commercial option.  This is where Rotary Screw and even better Scroll compressors come it.  The main difference being that these types of compressors can operate for long periods of time without overheating.  A good resource for these types of compressors is Air Compressor Direct.  They offer a wide range of options. One of my personal favorites is made by Quincy and it is a Class 0 Scroll compressor.  They are designed for dental offices and industrial applications that require very clean air.  You can add a couple large air storage tanks to these for more capacity.

Ultimately the system you design for your grow room or greenhouse will need a source of reliable clean compressed air. 

Hope this info helps and have a happy and healthy growing season.