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Higher Quality, More Yeild and Faster Cycle Times...

Our Mission

Water Conservation Products for Agriculture


 Flood Irrigation for Lettuce Crops *Image Curtesy of


"Clean pure water is extremely precious in its ability to sustain all living things. By blending the four states of matter solids, liquids, gasses and plasma we can alter the course of history. Agriculture will advance to be better, safer and more sustainable."


Joshua T. Serpa. Founder, AeroScience.


The goal of AeroScience is to design, manufacture and sell products that reduce water and energy consumption for agriculture. Our specific focus is on fogging equipment and tools for farmers that grow outdoors, indoors, in greenhouses and in new age vertical farms. Our diverse product line offers farmers some of the most cost effective inputs, devices and tools needed to produce high value crops with minimal waste.  Our Microfog Atomizers can be used to automate the foliar spray process, increase humidity, sterilize or sanitize as well as evaporatively cool large areas. Our team of experts have over 80 years of combined experience farming high value crops.   By reducing water consumption for farmers we can improve the environment without damaging our precious fresh water resources.

  • Cost-Effective Water Saving Products
  • Increase the Bio-Availability of your inputs
  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • Global Shipping and Sales
  • Patented and Patent Pending products, methods and applications