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Our Team


Joshua T. Serpa 


Josh is the company’s founding member and an experienced aeroponic developer as well as a cannabis industry entrepreneur. With over 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry Josh knows how to navigate the challenges facing large scale cannabis cultivators. Since moving back to Sonoma County he has developed many products with his focus being water conservation for the cannabis industry. He uses his expertise to help farmers save water and minimize energy consumption. Josh has a strong belief in organic agriculture with a focus on bio-tech automation.

Prior to creating Aeroscience, Josh successfully started and ran a retail hydroponic supply store in Portland Oregon for 10 years that was sold in 2009. He and his wife, Lynsey Serpa, created a second company, Permaculture Inc., in 2010. This was an online retail store that specialized in sourcing sustainable gardening supplies for cannabis growers. Together they created a sourcing company that helped customers cut their cost while offering quality products. Permaculture Inc. was sold in 2019 and since then Josh has been able to focus full time on AeroScience.


Jonathan T. Serpa

Active Partner

Jon Serpa is a Sonoma County native with an extensive network in real estate and the cannabis industry. He has worked closely with Josh on many projects. His expertise brings a unique aspect to Aeroscience. Jon's professional experience with commercial real estate valuations helps AeroScience focus building value for our investors and large customer base.


Lynsey Serpa

Active Partner

Lynsey Serpa is an active partner with AeroScience and is involved in running and managing the logistics of the business. Her focus is on operations, logistics, and accounting. Prior to joining AeroScience she successfully ran Permaculture Inc. with Josh. This was a sourcing company specializing in sustainability and gardening supply products. They sold Permaculture in 2019 and Lynsey joined AeroScience in 2020. Lynsey has vast experience in the Cannabis Industry with knowledge in customer relations as well as a deep understanding of the industry. Her effective communication skills and diverse background allow her to connect with customers.



Mark McCoy

Pest Management and Bio-Tech Expert

Mark is an expert cannabis grower with experience growing organically. His knowledge on biologic inputs is invaluable and he brings a diverse network of cannabis intellectual property to AeroScience.  His experience with cannabis ag tech patents helps AeroScience advance our intellectual property portfolio.