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AeroScience shall in no event be liable for consequential damages or liabilities arising from the use, failure, misuse or negligence of use to and of our products.  We do not guarantee any specific micron size outcome to the droplet size of your dry fog nozzle, product or system.  It would require extreme monitoring and analysis due to the many different factors affecting fluid dynamics.   There are many factors that affect the function of the nozzles including but not limited to, the starting air temperature and humidity of the room, along with the distance of air lines, the distance of water lines, air line pressure and flow, as well as water pressure and flow, atmospheric pressure and the density and weight of the solution also come into play and effect outputs.  Here is more info on high level fluid dynamics equations. For the reasons stated above no express, implied or statutory warranty other than herein set forth is made or authorized by AeroScience.