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Dry Fog Applications

Aeroponic Systems:  Dry fog can be used for aeroponic growing systems.  AeroScience is the world leader in Dry Fog Aeroponic Systems.  Our AeroTray is the most efficient aeroponic system on the market today. Our systems create the proper micron size for  root hair growth. Root hairs have a micron size of 1 micron thick and 5 to 10 microns long, with some as long as 30 microns. If your aeroponic delivery system is a mist or spray system, this can be damaging to root hairs ultimately causing harm to plant growth.


Greenhouse Fogging: This is one the best use cases for dry fog.  Plants thrive when they are pest free and with dry fog a grower can apply beneficial foliar products to every micron of the plant tissue.  Growers know that proper foliar feeding can increase growth and prevent disease.  Greenhouses can be equipped with our Microfog Atomizers saving time and money in the process of foliar applications.


Commercial Agriculture: Dry fog nozzles can be used on field sprayers, pesticide sprayers and foliar applicators'.  Dry fog uses liquid solutions more efficiently than other spray nozzles. 


Humidification: Dry fog can be used to increase the relative humidity level in a room, greenhouse or any enclosure. Maintaining a constant relative humidity is very important for certain environments.  Plants grow best when the VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) is in an ideal range.  Humidification can be used for grow rooms, greenhouses, curing facilities and other areas that require high levels of humidity. Corrigan is one of the world leaders in dry fog use for Humidification and even though they are a competitor of ours, we hold a high regard to their innovation and long term success in the dry fog industry.


Evaporative Cooling:  This is the process of adding humidity to the ambient air in order to cool the temperature of the space.  Evaporative cooling is common in greenhouses with the use of wet walls.   Our dry fog atomizers are ideal for this application.  You can use cool or chilled water to increase the cooling capacity of the dry fog. Compressed air from a storage tank is naturally cool and increases the cooling capacity of the dry fog.


Dust Suppression:  is an extremely important part of the mining industry in order to reduce the particulate in the air.  Mines are regulated by OSHA and the EPA and without proper dust suppression systems mines can be exposed to liabilities.  By using dry fog for dust suppression it is possible to eliminate dust without creating a puddling effect from spray systems. Our dry fog atomizers work well for this application and we have sold them to some of the worlds largest mining operations. The Raring Corporation is the worlds leader in Dust Suppression for the mining Industry. They manufacture the worlds most complex and expensive dry fog systems on the market today. Although they are a competitor of ours, we hold a very high regard for their long term success in the dry fog industry.


Curing Rooms: Odor can be a problem in areas that have laws regulating the smell of commercial operations such as poultry farms, cattle ranches and cannabis farms.  Our dry fog nozzles are perfect for smell suppression systems.


Hospitals and Dental Offices: Dental offices use dry foggers to clean the air and sterilize equipment after patient interactions.  It is a common practice to fog a dental operatory or hospital room to prevent the spread of air-borne pathogens


Clean Rooms: Clean rooms need to be sterilized and cleaned in order to prevent contamination can benefit from dry foggers


Pharmaceutical:  The pharmaceutical application for dry fog are diverse.  Dry fog nozzles can be used for coating pills and sterilizing indoor environments.


Barrel Rooms: Often times barrel rooms can become too dry and the wine or beer barrel crack causing permeant damage and potential product loss.  By adding dry fog to barrel rooms brewers and vintners can preserve their stock and maintain cool humid indoor environments.


Mushroom Growers: Growing mushroom's requires proper humidity control in order to get the spore to hatch. Dry fog nozzles can be used for this purpose.


Food Production: Food processors and packagers use chemicals to sterilize food and dry fog nozzles will use the solutions more effectively.


Meat Processing Facilities: Typically meat processors use chemicals to sanitize the meat products they are producing. Our nozzles are great for these types of solutions. Dry fog can coat the meat down to the 1 micron level so that harmful anaerobic bacteria are rendered dormant.