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What is Dry Fog? A water or solution droplet with an average size between 0 to 10 Microns.


What is a micron?  It is 1/1,000,000 of a meter or 1/10,000 of a Centimeter. The average thickness of a human hair is 50 Microns and a bacteria is 1 micron in size.


Where is your product manufactured? Our products are made in the USA with highly skilled labor.  


How do I integrate your products to my grow room or greenhouse? Simply purchase an air compressor that will provide enough CFM for the product you would like and plumb in the nozzle. You can use solenoid valves to turn the air on and off based on a cycle timer, humidistat or other controller.


What is the micron size of your fog? The average micron size of our dry fog is 7 Microns. This is large enough to apply biologics including beneficial fungi and microbes.


What kind of compressor should I buy? It depends, 


How do I cycle time the nozzles? The easiest way to turn the nozzles on and off is with a solenoid and re-cycle timer or humidistat.


How do I clean the nozzles? The head and stem assembly can be removed from the body and then you can use a paperclip or 


What kind of solutions can I put into your foggers? All different kinds of solutions will work in the nozzles depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  Obviously the stainless steel nozzle will last a lot longer than the carbon fiber nozzles.  Replacement tips can be purchased for all the nozzles in the event that they wear out or break.


What is the real benefit to your technology?  Our technology can greatly reduce labor costs, water or solution consumption, it can also save time, money and increase overall plant growth.


Did you invent this technology? Dry fog nozzles have been around since at least the 1960's but we do have patent rights and patents pending for our technology.


When did your company start? Our company was founded in 2019, but the founder has worked in agriculture and with some large dry fog companies for the past 10 years.


Can I invest in your company? Our company is privately held and is not seeking investors at this time.


When will my product arrive?  We are a US Based manufacturer, we build our products as the order comes in. Typically it takes 1 to 5 days to assemble your order. At that point we ship via UPS or in some cases DHL based on which shipping option you selected.