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Sterilization Solutions

AeroScience offers a unique line of Sterilization Solutions that are listed on the EPA N-List.  Our solutions can eliminate Viruses, Bacteria and Mold Spores, making your home or business safe and biologically secure.  Here is a list of the virsues, bacteria and molds we can eliminate with our solutions.

VIRUSES:  AdenoViruses (Common Cold), RhinoViruses (Common Cold), RotaViruses (Diarrhea), SARS Viruses (COVID-19), HantaViruses (Mouse Pox), NorroViruses (Common Flu), FiloViruses (Ebola and Marburg Virus)

BACTERIA:  E Coli (Food Posining), Listeria (Causes Fever, Bad for Pregnant Women), Salmonella, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Tuberculosis), Streptococcus, Treponema pallidum (Syphilius), Tetanus and many others.

MOLD SPORES:  Mucor (Grey Mold), Aspergillus (Common Mold), Acermonium (Pink Mold) Alternaria (Green Mold),  Stachybotrys chartarum (Black Mold) and many others.


Below is a list of products that we sell that are used for molds, bacteria and viruses.