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 *Image Curtesy of Ceres Greenhouse

The AeroGreenhouse™ is a completely sustainable Net-0 Structure that is designed to grow plants with the resources on site.  The AeroGreenhouse™ collects rainwater, produces and stores solar power, utilizes LED lighting and our Aerotray compressed air aeroponic systems to produce plants. 

The Main Benefits of an AeroGreenhouse™ are:

  • Patent Pending
  • Completely Sustainable with Zero outside resources required
  • Bio-Reactors can be built for on-site for nutrient generation
  • 20,000 Watt Solar Power System: Cutting Edge Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels with 25 Year Warranty 
  • Energy Efficient Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery Bank: Estimated 10 Year lifespan
  • Rainwater collection: 40,000 Gallon Rainwater Collection System (No Water Board Approval Needed)
  • Forty High Output AeroTrays: Rapid growth systems for high value crops
  • Class 0 Scroll Compressor for Oil free Ultra Clean Compressed Air
  • Automated Dry Fog Foliar Spray System
  • Zero Runoff due to collection and re-use of nutrient solution
  • Northwall greenhouse design offers optimal thermal protection for electronics and water storage
  • Inground AC units move thermal cooling energy into the greenhouse
  • Multi Color Shade cloth for light spectrum management
  • High output LED lights for supplemental lighting
  • Double Wall Polycarbonate Diffused Panels reflect light 
  • Breathable Light Depravation System
  • Growlink Greenhouse Controller