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RedShadeis a revolutionary product designed especially for Cannabis and Hemp farmers.

This product features:

  • Patent Pending
  • 25% Red Shade Cloth (We tested 5 different shade percentages and this one offered the most yeild per square foot)
  • Designed Specifically for 30 x 100 Foot Greenhouses 
  • Engineered Polymer with with spectrum enhancing properties
  • Reduces water consumption and soil temp
  • Specifically Engineered and tested on Cannabis and Hemp Crops (Works great for Flowers, Tomatos and Peppers Too)
  • Increases red and far red color spectrum for denser flowers, more flower sites and larger yeilds per acre
  • Improves leaf surface temperature in hot growing climates
  • Increases the poundage per acre between 10 to 40% (We saw 20% increase to yeild with cannabis flowers)
  • Enhances Terpine and Cannabinoid content by enhancing and preserving Trichome volumes
  • Turns outdoor flowers into greenhouse looking flowers
  • Very cost effective for large scale cannabis and hemp farmers
  • Measures 26 Feet wide by 100 Feet Long
  • Each Roll Weights 45 LBS and Ships Via UPS Ground
  • UV treated Polymer with 5 year field rating


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