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AeroScience: Fighting Climate Change one nozzle at a time.

AeroScience: Fighting Climate Change one nozzle at a time.

Posted by Joshua T. Serpa on Aug 12th 2022

Say what you will about climate change, it is very hard to deny the fact that humans are making a major impact on our natural resources.  Deforestation, desertification, increasing atmospheric CO2 levels, commercial ocean fishing, developing nations moving towards urban settlement, all of these human related activities are changing the planet in a major way. Just look at google maps on the west coast of the USA to see the massive swaths of forest land that have been cleared for the timber industry.  

At AeroScience we are focused on reducing water consumption for agriculture one nozzle at a time. By integrating our products into greenhouses, vertical indoor farms and on commercial outdoor field sprayers we can reduce water consumption and nutrient consumption which in turn reduces greenhouse emissions and alleviates supply chain dependency.  Each nozzle lowers the water consumption for small and large farms which reduces electrical consumption and saves one of our most precious resources, clean fresh water.  We have sold tens of thousands of nozzles in the US and globally and by our estimates we have saved millions of gallons of water from being used inefficiently compared to other spray and fog technologies.

AeroScience will continue our mission to help the world become a cleaner, more efficient healthier planet one nozzle at a time.  For more information reach out to us to see how we can help your farm become greener, cleaner  and more independent from fossil fuel based supply chains.