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AeroScience: The History of Dry Fog Atomization

AeroScience: The History of Dry Fog Atomization

Posted by Joshua T. Serpa on May 17th 2021

The AeroScience brand is focused on Water Conservation Products for Agriculture.  The word Aero came from the word Air and the term Science means "the state of knowing".  It is commonly thought that AeroScience is the study of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering, which ironically is where the original MicroFog atomizer came from.  Dry Fog atomizers were used to atomize fuel for jet engines in the late 1960's. From that industry, they were repurposed as dust suppression nozzles for mining and then in the mid-2000s I found them and applied them to agriculture.  It seemed fitting to name my company AeroScience due to the rich context of the the word.

My goal at AeroScience is to create products that reduce water consumption for ag with a specific focus on greenhouse aeroponic systems.  The MicroFog AtomizersAeroTrays, the Clonefogger and AeroGreenhouse are all centered around this purpose. Even the Root Rings and RizoBeds add value to growers looking to reduce water consumption and increase yeild. As a grower, focusing on efficiency is the best way to increase profitability.  Most good business men and women understand this concept.

As population increases, climate change happens, water scarcity increases, gas prices increase, labor shortages occur, it will become cost effective to farm indoors and in greenhouses.  This is where AeroScience advances to the front of the line.  When you analyze cost of production per square foot you can see the value.  In the near future this will matter much more than it does today.

As a grower, you can access the green technology revolution now by purchasing our products and implementing them to your room, greenhouse or farm.

Save Water, Safe Money, Save Time and Save Energy with AeroScience.